Let WaifuBot take care of you!

CA: 0xD000000000000000000000000000

About us

Our mission is to establish Waifu Bot as the foremost choice in the industry for all waifu enthusiasts, offering an entertaining and accessible experience. With just one token, you can enjoy the thrill of sniping and make it affordable for everyone to partake in the exciting world of Waifu Bot, where pleasure and profit converge in a captivating fusion.


1 Wallet
.005 Fee
Private Nodes
Multi Wallet
Revenue Share
Fast transactions


  • TOTAL SUPPLY : 1,000,000
  • Taxes: 5/5
  • Ticker: $WAIFU


Phase - 1

  • Whitepaper and Website
  • Develop a comprehensive whitepaper outlining the project's vision, tokenomics, and technical details.
  • Design and launch an informative and user-friendly website that serves as a central hub for project information.
  • Preparing for Marketing
  • Conduct market research to identify key competitors and target audience.
  • Establish partnerships with influencers and communities within the cryptocurrency space.
  • Fair Launch of the Token
  • Execute a fair and transparent token launch to build trust among the community.
  • Allocate a significant budget for marketing efforts, including paid advertising, influencer collaborations, and community engagement.
  • Launching the Token
  • Execute the token launch, ensuring a smooth and secure process.
  • Engage with the community during and after the launch to address concerns and provide support.

Phase - 2

  • Prepare and submit accurate information for CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG) listings.
  • Actively engage with trending topics in the cryptocurrency space to increase visibility.
  • Increasing the Volume
  • Implement liquidity strategies to increase trading volume.
  • Leverage the increased visibility on these platforms to attract more users and investors.

Phase - 3

  • CEX Listings
  • Pursue listings on reputable centralized exchanges CEX to increase accessibility
  • Engage in negotiations and meet the requirements for listing.
  • Increased Number of Investors
  • Continue targeted outreach to attract new investors.
  • Host virtual events, webinars, and AMAs to interact with the community and address queries.